• HMBT #135: Six Months

    Can you believe that have the year is over? Six months of 2018 are gone! What are you doing? What did you do? What did you accomplish? What did you not accomplish? I am sitting in a Starbucks that is located in an old bank. I am actually sitting in the bank vault, which made […]

  • HMBT #124: Strategy vs Tactics with Josh Dodson

    Josh Dodson is my guest today. He is the Director of Research and integrated Marketing at VisionPoint Marketing. We discussed marketing strategy vs. tactics. Strategy is a guiding principle for the tactics you use in marketing. Tactics are the specific thing you are doing with marketing. It could be Facebook ads or maybe Google Adwords. […]

  • HMBT #122: Preparing for Conferences

    Attending conferences can be informative and educational. Today, I am going to talk about how I prepare for a conference. Here are the things that I do to prepare for a conference. Research the talks that you want to attend. Don’t stress yourself out by needing to make last minute decisions for those breakout sessions. […]

  • HBMT #120: Barbara Hemphill on Productivity

    I am joined today by Barbara Hemphill, owner of Barbara Hemphill LLC, to discuss productivity The average employee spends 19% of their time looking for what they need to do their work. It you take a company that has 20 employees at an average wage of $15 an hour, that represents a loss productivity cost […]

  • Don’t Procrastinate Your Planning

    Don’t Procrastinate Your Planning

    Holidays are a good time to relax, spend time with family and loved ones as well as recharge for the New Year. ┬áIt is easy to fall into the trap of relaxing too much and not planning to start off the New Year right. I get it, the food, fun and companionship is too compelling […]