HMBT #286: Show Yourself Some Luv

HMBT 286 with Chloe Luv

In this episode, I speak with Cloe Luv, Renaissance Woman and Success Coach. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs launch or scale their businesses to 6-7 figures. We discuss the importance of mindset, authentic storytelling, and the transformational moments that lead to success in business. Highlights:đź’ˇ Mindset is crucial for success in business. It involves having a […]

HMBT #285: To Ghost Or Not To Ghost

Episode #285: To Ghost or not to ghost

In this episode, I interview Danielle Perlin-Good. Danielle is The Soul-Aligned Ghostwriter and an award-winning, best-selling author. She empowers thought leaders to amplify their lasting legacies by unleashing their nonfiction content, creating a profound impact, and transforming lives. With a wealth of experience, she has contributed to over twenty books, ranging from memoirs and thought […]

The 5 Things That Helped Me Become a Better Speaker This Year

Hank Hoffmeier Speaker

This has been a good year as a speaker for me. Early this year, I decided that I wanted to move from being a “presenter” to a “speaker”. It meant that I needed to change in numerous ways. Change is not easy for some. In fact, most people do not embrace change. To me presenting […]

5 Ways To Make Your Webinars More Engaging

5 tips for your webinar

When was the last time that you were on a webinar that was interesting and engaging? Can you remember what the presenter’s message was? If they were interesting and engaging, you probably remembered more information about the webinar than most others. For the most part, webinars are prepared for an audience that will participate online, […]