Facebook Bullhorn

Pound for pound, Facebook ads will provide the best return for your advertising spend. You can highly target and make ads go viral. If you own a business, you need to advertise on Facebook. Once you get started, here are three ways that you can improve your Facebook ad campaigns.

First, lets talk about the types of Facebook ads.

  1. Sponsored Story

  2. Sidebar Ad – available on desktop only

  3. Mobile App Ad

  4. Video Ads

For this article, we will focus on Sponsored Ads. You can use yes with images or video. Video ads are the most appealing and have the best conversion. The problem is that not everyone is equipped or skilled enough to create video ads.

Sponsored ads are the next best format since they show in the main news feed and provide a good rate of engagement if executed well enough.

When creating your ads you want to have the best possible opportunity to convert. Facebook’s ads tool is pretty easy to use and will walk you through creating an ad.

Here are the three thins you should know when you start creating ads.

Target Your Ads

Not everyone is not going to be interested in what you have to sell, so it is important that you target your ads to garner the best return on investment. If you do not choose a target audience you will waste money on serving ads to people who will ignore what you have to say.

Facebook offers varied ways to target. You can use location, interests and other demographic information. One cool think is that if you have email addresses for current or potentiaYou can target those customers or potential customers buy targeting them. If you have a list of email addresses, this blog article will explain how you can target them and those like your customers.

Call To Action

It is nice to provide information for a service a product, but ask customers to complete an action. Use terms like Buy Now, Learn More, or Contact Us. You should also provide information that is helpful for the recipient and lets them learn about why they should buy your product or service. Without a call to action, you may lose a conversion!

Set a Budget

Set a budget for your ads so that you know how much you are spending and you can then look back and review the success of your campaign so that you can decide on changes you might want to make for another campaign. Pace your ads so that your spend will last a while, maybe a few days or a week.

There you have it, three tips that will help you better advertise on Facebook. Make sure to report back and let us know how successful your ads are!


  • Hank Hoffmeier

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