Author: Hank Hoffmeier

  • HMBT #281: Still Using AOL?

    HMBT #281: Still Using AOL?

    Ken Countess from Ken is Email joins me to talk about ensuring that you have a healthy list of email marketing subscribers. Ken’s Website: Video: Audio:

  • HMBT #280: It Goes Both Ways

    HMBT #280: It Goes Both Ways

    I had the chance to meet up with Brian Glibkowski, PhD to discuss how sales is a two way street. Well any conversation should be a two way street. Make sure to check out Brian’s Framework and book about Answer Intelligence (AQ). Connect with Brian: On Linkedin: Website: Free Explore AQ test + […]

  • HMBT #279: Do What Chuck Says

    HMBT #279: Do What Chuck Says

    Has a chance to catch up with Chuck Hester recently and wanted to get his advice on growing your network now that we are able to meet more in person. Website: Linkedin: Video: Audio:

  • HMBT #278: Experiences Matter

    HMBT #278: Experiences Matter

    In this episode, I talk about my trip to Statesboro and Savannah Georgia. I had the opportunity to frequent many restaurants and had different experiences at each one. Customer service can make or break a business and if you do not make the experience good, you will not thrive as a business. You can get […]

  • HMBT #277: It’s Not What You Think

    HMBT #277: It’s Not What You Think

    In this episode, Lina Rugova talk about three things that you should focus on in 2022 for marketing and branding a business. You will be surprised about Lina’s pick for the number one item! Listen and learn! We mention numerous tools that will help you this year such as WordPress, Elementor, Wix, Squarespace, Canva,, […]

  • HMBT #276: More Women and Cats in Email

    HMBT #276: More Women and Cats in Email

    I am joined by Jen Capstraw. Jen is a speaker, consultant, trainer, and email geek who sent her first email campaign in 2002. Jen serves as president/co-founder of Women of Email, a nonprofit org with 6,000+ members aimed at promoting leadership and cultivating professional growth among women in the email industry. We talk about the […]

  • HMBT #273: How Has the Pandemic Changed You Part 1

    HMBT #273: How Has the Pandemic Changed You Part 1

    I am joined by Jennifer Nesploa Lantz, VP of Industry Relations and Deliverability at Kickbox as she talks about how the pandemic has changed her and how she is dealing with the change. Video: Audio:

  • HMBT #272: Creature Comforts

    HMBT #272: Creature Comforts

    This week I talk about making sure you are happy while working. I recently purchased a coffee mug that keeps my coffee warm and the charging pad will also charge my iPhone and AirPods. I also purchased a 32 ounce water bottle to help me drink 120 ounces of water per day! Find something that […]

  • HMBT #271: Email Marketing is not Dead, Neither is This Podcast

    HMBT #271: Email Marketing is not Dead, Neither is This Podcast

    And..we’re back!! I hop back behind the mic to talk to John Hayes about Email Marketing. Twitter: John_W_Hayes Facebook: Linkedin: Amazon:

  • HMBT #270: The Breakup

    HMBT #270: The Breakup

    The time has come. It is not you, it is me. We need to breakup. I am going to be taking a break from the show for a while, so there will be no new episodes in the near future. I would love to hear your feedback on the show and maybe learn what your […]