HMBT 287 - Mike Maynard

In this episode I speak with Mike Maynard on how to outsmart the big guys with ABM.

Mike is the CEO of Napier, a PR and marketing agency that helps tech companies sell more to other businesses.

ABM (Account-Based Marketing) is about identifying the most likely customers for your product and focusing marketing activities and budget on them. It involves understanding the target market and creating personalized content for specific companies.


It is important to understand the market and identify the companies most likely to buy from you.

AI tools, like chatbots, can be used to enrich data and help identify the target market.

ABM involves understanding the buying process and the decision-making unit within the target companies.

Building personas and understanding the pain points and motivations of potential customers can help create effective ABM campaigns.

Personalized content and targeting specific companies can lead to better results in ABM.

In larger organizations, it is important to identify the influencers and decision-makers to get them on board with your solution.

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