• Kick Start Your Email Efforts in 2021

    Kick Start Your Email Efforts in 2021

    Every year, people tend to make a lot of resolutions. Most of them revolve around stopping something. They may want to stop smoking, or maybe stop eating so many COVID snacks! I, myself, have snacked a little too much! Every year, we all want less distractions and no better time to dwell on that than […]

  • HMBT #230: Karese Laguerre – Health, Wellness, and Sleep

    HMBT #230: Karese Laguerre – Health, Wellness, and Sleep

    Karese Laguerre RDH, OMT. Myofunctional therapist and author joins me to talk about the importance of good health, wellness and sleep. Self care is the foundation in success in business and life.  Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. We discuss the myth of getting eight hours of sleep. Do you need eight hours? […]

  • HMBT #193: What Surrounds You?

    HMBT #193: What Surrounds You?

    In this episode we talk about what you surround yourself with can help you be successful.

  • HMBT #192: Diversify

    HMBT #192: Diversify

    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by building an audience on one platform? What happens if that platform’s business model changes or it disappears? What can you do? Listen to learn more.

  • HMBT #191: To Link or Not

    HMBT #191: To Link or Not

    In this weeks episode, we talk about link reputation and how it can affect your SEO.

  • HMBT #190: Happy Belated Labor Day

    HMBT #190: Happy Belated Labor Day

    This episode is to help you celebrate you. Makes sure to stop and think about what you have accomplished and plan for a successful future.

  • HMBT #189: Do You Really Want It?

    HMBT #189: Do You Really Want It?

    Rant time? Do you know someone that complains about not being successful, not making enough money, not being able to live the life they want to live? I recently had an experience that made me want to rant about that. Hear about that and get some encouragement to crush it this week and beyond!

  • I am on the Fence!

    I am on the Fence!

    Earlier this year, I decided to install a privacy fence on our property. The area to to be fenced in was about 720 linear feet. We spent a few months researching what type of fence we wanted and started to obtain quotes from contractors for a six foot pine wood privacy fence. We received quotes […]

  • HMBT #188: Treat Me Right

    HMBT #188: Treat Me Right

    In this episode, we talk about email marketing segmentation and how you can obtain data to help you do it more and better!

  • HMBT #187: Make Opportunities

    HMBT #187: Make Opportunities

    Make sure to take the opportunity to enjoy yourself when traveling and visiting new areas. I am just now returning from New York City where I was speaking at Mailcon and I took the opportunity to see some cool areas of the city. What opportunities are you taking advantage of?