HMBT #146: Familiar

People like what is familiar. They do not like the unknown.

When you run a business, you want to deal with the familiar when speaking with customers and prospects. Discuss what is familiar, the results will be much better.

If you are solving a problem or meeting a need, speak about what they know.

If you talk to the familiar and have a common thread rather than injecting unknown or unfamiliar information into the conversation, you will build more trust. They will open up more.

This strategy can be used when speaking on stage, during a sales call, while networking, and when talking with friends and family.

Find the commonality where you are still knowledgeable to be able to push the conversation forward. Once you have built some trust, you can start to inject some unfamiliar content. They are going to open up and offer more information and answer more of your questions.

Remember, it is about them, not you!