What it Means to Have a Buen Dia in Barcelona

Market in Barcelona

While vacationing in Barcelona, I was greeted by residents and business owners alike with “Buen Dia”, which means good day. I responded with “A ti”, which means “and you”. Barcelona is a polite city where mere strangers wish each other well. When frequenting a local bakery or picking out tapas at a restaurant, the staff […]

HMBT #98: Developing an Elevator Pitch

While attending a small business conference in Phoenix Arizona, I met with a lot of small business owners. What I found was there were people that were either really good at telling me what they do, or they may have needed to go home and work on it. Every day that passed, I thought about […]

How It Went Down In Phoenix: A Customer Service Story

Hank in Phoenix

I recently went to Phoenix Arizona to speak at a small business expo. Phoenix was a great city and the expo was a really enjoyable. I was able to speak to many small business owners and learn how they marketed their products and services. I stayed at The Grand Sheraton, located downtown. On the flight […]

Customer Service Review: The Good and The Bad

Retail shopping

  This article fist appeared on LinkedIn Pulse. I have had experiences on both end of the spectrum over the last week when it comes to customer service. The one experience will make me want to shop at a particular store more and the other will make me research warranty information and look at other […]