Market in Barcelona

While vacationing in Barcelona, I was greeted by residents and business owners alike with “Buen Dia”, which means good day. I responded with “A ti”, which means “and you”. Barcelona is a polite city where mere strangers wish each other well.

When frequenting a local bakery or picking out tapas at a restaurant, the staff and owners offer their hospitality, assistance and joyful personality.

Life here is a little more laid back. We could learn something from the people in Barcelona. They are always smiling and seem to enjoy what they do. Locals are willing to help out strangers and the pace of life is different. It seems like the mantra is “Live for the day, do not let the day run you”.

While having a nice Americano Coffee that was freshly prepared and a flatbread with goat cheese and chicken at a local cafe, I was asked if I would “kindly like” their Facebook page, Forn Miro. The barista told me that they are proud of their business and wanted us to help spread the word of their existence.

Coffee in Spain

I liked their page. Not because I was asked, but because the barista was really helpful when I came to assisting me with my daughter’s milk allergy. She took the time to explain some great options for a snack that did not contain milk products. My daughter, Riley, decided on a pasta with bolognese sauce, which she really enjoyed.

Forn Miro

When out and about in the narrow back alleys of Barcelona, you will find some unique and interesting shops. For the most part, the staff does not harass you to buy anything. They let you browse and help if you need assistance.

Narrow street in Barcelona

I cannot say the same for some of the souvenir shops. As I passed these shops that were cluttered with cheap souvenirs, I was pleaded with to enter the shop and was told about special deals that were “unique” to me. Even though it was tempting, I did not really have much more interest other than letting my children look at some items to give them some stimulation and rest as we took long walks in this beautiful city.

There was a notable difference in the quality of customer service from the cheap run of the mill shops that sold the same as many other similar stores to the unique small restaurants or boutique stores.

If you are taking notes, it is wise for you to be unique, show that you care and provide patrons with quality over quantity. I am more likely to tell others about my shopping or dining experience if there is something to remember, such as how I was assisted or how good the meal was, not how cheap it was.

If you swim in the sea of sameness, you will get lost in the noise and will quite possible struggle to survive. Find out what makes you unique and be passionate about what you do and you too will have a “Buen dia”!


  • Hank Hoffmeier

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