4 Nights in a $44 Airbnb

Devil's Den

A few months ago, I gave a TEDx style talk at RTP180 of education and travel where I discussed being able to travel on a budget and use it as an educational opportunity. I am just now returning from a spontaneous trip to Florida. My wife wanted to take our kids swimming with the Manatees […]

What it Means to Have a Buen Dia in Barcelona

Market in Barcelona

While vacationing in Barcelona, I was greeted by residents and business owners alike with “Buen Dia”, which means good day. I responded with “A ti”, which means “and you”. Barcelona is a polite city where mere strangers wish each other well. When frequenting a local bakery or picking out tapas at a restaurant, the staff […]

HMBT #97: Working While Traveling

It is great to work from wherever you are. While traveling in Phoenix, I needed to get some projects completed. I decided to take the time while I was alone to work on some items that I would be able to focus on. I worked from the hotel room some and then by the pool […]