This is Hank Hoffmeier with a Marketing and Business tip for today.

When you are writing content for your website or your blog, make sure you are checking spelling and grammar. There is nothing like having a lot of errors on your page that makes your website or blog look unprofessional. Make sure that you take a break after writing some content, go back and read it later so, that you can look at your content with fresh eyes and catch any mistakes.

It is easy to leave mistakes in your content if you read it right away after creating it.  Another thing is you might want to have somebody else read your content before you publish it, or put it out live.

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  • Hank Hoffmeier

    Hank is an author, speaker, podcast host and Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations at Kickbox, a Ziff Davis company. With a passion for all things digital and social, combined with more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, he has been dubbed the Digital Marketing Infotainer because he makes marketing fun and successful.