This is Hank Hoffmeier with your Marketing and Business tip for the day.

Today’s tip is going be business related. Many of us that on our own businesses struggle with accounting and keeping up with receipts. One thing is digital receipts. If you receive receipts via email there is a great way to keep track of those which ones you may have printed out or which ones you may have put into your accounting software.

What I do is use a Gmail address. And what you could do is you can append something to the end of the Gmail address to use as a tag so you can then sort and then un-label them or  further label them in the future.

I use hankhoffmeier+receipts@, and when I receive that email in my inbox it will actually have a tag of “receipts” in there so I know that I forwarded that to myself as a receipt. When I go in there and I and print that out I can go in to take the tag off or I can actually tag it with “receipt printed”, which is what I do, I do the latter.

Hopefully that will help you organize your receipts for accounting with your business moving forward

That is it for Hank’s Marketing and Business tips for the day.


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