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When is the last time you listen to client feedback or asked for it?

Many times, were too busy prodding along and developing our next marketing campaign, fulfilling customers’ orders, or servicing clients. We need to take a step back every now and then and ask our audience, customers or clients what they want and how they feel about our products and services so that we can make changes to better ourselves and to offer more value and better quality.

It is not the whole time that you can receive this feedback organically from your clients or audience so what you might want to do is poll them. Use a Facebook post, use a Facebook poll, Twitter poll, or a Survey Monkey survey can be sent out via email. Or you can verbally ask people that you talk to on a daily basis that use your product or service and how you are doing and how you can improve upon your value and what you want to provide to your audience and clients.

So again, just make sure that you are listening to your audience and clients and always trying to improve upon what your current doing.

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