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Today I would like to review a app that I use to create inspirational images and just images with text on them. It is called Typorama. I use it on iOS on my iPhone, and what you can do is choose the images that you have on your iPhone, that you have taken, or you can choose stock photos that come free with the app once you pay $4.99. There is a free version that you can use, but there are limitations to it.

Once you choose your image, you are allowed to add text and  have many different styles and fonts of text. You can choose the size that you want to create it for, whether specifically for Facebook, Twitter or maybe Instagram. What you could do is also make the image darker or lighter, you can add a watermark or logo to the images. So what you could use great really great images that have text on them and you can also reuse those images and place text with different style different fonts on them and you can save it to your camera roll, email it to yourself, or share it right to social media. So that is type Typorama and it is a great application to help you boost your Instagram followers or provide value through images as well as post on Facebook on any other social media channel of your choosing.

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