This is Hank Hoffmeier with a Marketing and Business Tip for you today.

Today I like to talk about a tool that can help you with your marketing. The site is called What you can do is nifty images is that you can create personalized images such as birthday cards or gift card images, or anything that you want to put any type of custom information that you can use as a merge field, such as a name, email address, title onto an image to make someone feel like it’s directed at them.

They also have a countdown timer so if you have a limited time offer for a service or product, you can create a countdown timer. Now, what you can do is you can take the code that you are given once you complete your image for a countdown timer, add that to say an email and if you are using an email service provider,  what you can do is use the field for first name, name, or email address and that information will be pulled in and be customized and personalized for them.  And then the countdown timer will be just a snippet of code that actually counts down to the time that you put in in regards to something expiring, like a deal or sale.

So again, check out It is a great way to provide some great value through email and making it feel personalized.

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