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I like to discuss website SEO or search engine rankings. If you have a website,  you want make sure that you have a secure website. In other words, you will need a certificate for security, or security certificate. This is something that you can obtain through your website hosting provider and it allows you to secure your domain and website.

Many websites that have a shopping cart integration or sell products and services have a secure website. This ensures that data is not stolen. One way that you can tell if a website is secure is you can look in the URL field in the top of your browser and if there’s a padlock there and that means it is secure. Or there is HTTPS at the beginning of the URL. That also means it is secure.

So if you have a secure site, Google is going to give you a little bit more of a boost for search engine rankings. If everything is even with your competitors as far as SEO and they do not have a secure site and you do, you will get a little bit more of an edge on your competitors. S

Take a look today and see if you have a secure site. If you do not, go ahead and buy one through your hosting provider and sometimes there are ways to get one for free. If you have a WordPress site, there are ways to get a secure certificate.

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