This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip.

Do you want to have more viewers or have your YouTube videos show more in search results? Don’t we all?

Well, let me provide a couple tips for you to make sure that you are doing the best you can with your YouTube channel. When it comes to what is popular and what is shown in search results, YouTube is looking at something called “watch time”. In other words, not only did somebody find and watch your video, but how long did they watch it and possibly how many videos did they watch on your channel.

What you want to do is increase the playtime. One thing that you can do is link to a playlist rather than one specific video in your channel, this way if someone is interested in watching your videos they will successfully watch more than one video causing your channel watch time as well as your video watch time to increase.

Sometimes people will hit play on an ad and then walk away from their computer and what would happen is the next video start playing, then again the next video start playing, and that will give you some more play time.

Another thing is you should do is use titles and thumbnails that accurately reflect your content. This way someone does not start watching your video and then find out that it is not really what you advertised it to be.

Use “cards” throughout your videos is another tip. It is basically a way for them to follow you on social media, or check out other videos you may have that you want to show them. Again, your playlist is one thing that you could show with cards.

Make sure that you are creating content based on long-tail YouTube keywords. So, not only cooking if your chef, you might want to say “best cakes for birthday party”. If that is what your videos about, use that longtail keyword and it will help your video become found on YouTube .

Hopefully those tips are helpful and hopefully you will obtain some more success on YouTube.

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  • Hank Hoffmeier

    Hank is an author, speaker, podcast host and Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations at Kickbox, a Ziff Davis company. With a passion for all things digital and social, combined with more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, he has been dubbed the Digital Marketing Infotainer because he makes marketing fun and successful.