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One thing that is important is to make it a habit to go through your website and check out process at least quarterly. what you want to do is look at the experience of your visitors through your customers eyes. After all, the experience is for them not you. Too many times, websites are designed with the owners wants in mind, but not the customers needs.
You can look at your Google Analytic data to check your bounce rate and see how the flows with your checkout process. The bounce rate is the amount of people that leave your website after visiting only one page. They do not go on to consume other pages.
For the checkout process, use analytics so you can look at each step of the customer journey and make improvements to increase conversions. I worked with a client to increase conversions by 32% for a Mac diagnostic tool by changing how they offer the physical version as an up-sell. The client had a separate page in the checkout process that asked the customer if they wanted a physical DVD mailed to them for the software that they just ordered. They can download it there, so there was too much friction in this process.
By changing to a simple checkbox during the checkout process, they were able to streamline the whole experience and made the journey more fluid for the customer.
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