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What I would like to discuss is a term called “below the fold”. What the term “below the fold” means is content that is below the area that you could see on a computer or device, so it is below the fold, if that makes sense.
What has been preached by marketers is that you want to keep your most important information, visuals, or content above the fold. Pretty much right where someone is going to see it when I first land on your website, or on your blog, whether on a phone or desktop computer or laptop.
This is also important in email marketing. When somebody opens an email you want to have your most important information or call to action at the top so people see it. Now there is a new mentality going around that people full tend to want to scroll more, especially on mobile devices. So, the best thing to do is test different content on your pages or in your emails or whether init is blog post, and see if people are scrolling.
There are ways to measure if people are scrolling or not. One way would be to check your links and see how popular your link clicks are, whether its above the fold or below the fold. Or maybe when the action is downloading a white paper, or viewing video. You can detect the clicks on those links to see how popular they are. For the most part, I probably would recommend putting the best call action above the fold, but don’t be afraid to put some items below the fold as well because yes, people are scrolling more and they are used to doing that, Especially with their social media feeds such as Facebook and Instagram.
They are still scrolling to get to more of the post that they want to see or information. So, people are used to scrolling.
I would love love to hear your input whether or not you think scrolling is popular and if it is important to have your your most important content above the fold, or maybe down below the fold. But the most important thing to do is test it to make sure you know it is optimal for your audience.
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