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Today, I am going to discuss longtail keywords for voice search. In episode 18, I discussed using longtail keywords to help you keep your costs low when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. If you own a flower shop and you use the word flowers for pay-per-click advertising, the cost for that may be very high because there is a lot of competition for that keyword if there is a lot of competition around you. What you can do is use longtail keywords and what you might be able to do is say “flowers for weddings in Manhattan”, if that is where you are located.

Those longtail keywords will help keep your costs low, as well as help you find folks that are using longer terms or phrases to find you.

Today, what I like to talk about is the use of digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and any other type of voice assistant that you can use to do searches or enter text. People these days are picking up your phone, talking into it, and saying “find me a florist nearby”, “I need to buy flowers for a wedding” or “find me a local restaurant”.

So, what you want to do is capitalize on that and make sure that you have some longer phrases that make sense on your website, so that people will find you based on those voice searches, if that makes sense.

It is taking longtail keywords and helping you adopt that, so when people do voice search they will find you. It is a great opportunity and I think there is nowhere to go but up for voice search. Make sure you are capitalizing on that by having longer phrases and keywords on your blog, website, and anywhere else that people can find on the Internet.

That is all for today tip. As usual, you can always listen to my previous tips on You can find me on iTunes as well and subscribe to my podcast. We hope you are having a great day and make it a great week. Talk to you next time will record an episode.


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