This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip/ Thank you for joining us today.

I have Lori Bruhns with me today,  she is a local business and productivity success coach. She has been providing us with tips during the week and today we are gonna wrap it up with some information about networking and helping each other out in business.

Hank: Welcome back Lori.

Lori: Thank you so much for having me back on this last day and I am excited to talk about this particular topic. I like to call it the know, like, trust factor. So, when working with my clients, I always reiterate the following:

1. Who you know is just as important as what you know. For example, when I receive a LinkedIn request, I look at their profile, whom they are connected to and most importantly how we can support each other.

2. Organic and authentic connections are crucial. When I meet someone new, either through LinkedIn or at a networking event. I take it a step further by asking them for meeting, either in person or virtually. The other day I was asked, “Lori, you have so many LinkedIn connections, how did you connect with each one individually”? My response?  “I made it a priority”. Which leads me to:

3. Know, like and trust equals everything. Having a one-on-one personal connection with each person I meet helps me to know them and them to know me. Once we learn about each other, there is a like, trust that is built, which in turn leads to referrals, testimonials, and most importantly sales.

Hank: That is awesome and some great information. I know you and I always talk about GTY (greater than yourself). If you don’t have the book please buy and listen to it, but it is all about helping others raise the bar become better, professionally or personally. I know you and I have been working on that a lot, so do you have anything to add when it comes to greater than yourself.

Lori: Absolutely. I call you my business buddy all the time and it is because you and I collaborate for the betterment of each other.Where I have a weakness you mean by strengthening it, and I hope I do the same for you. So, we collaborate together and make each other better.

Hank: That is awesome! So that wraps up my series with Lori Bruhns. That does not mean that she will not be on for future episodes. Stay tuned and I hope to have some more special guests down the road.

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