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Let’s talk about earned media today. A lot of people think “earned media” is when you put something out there, like an advertisement or a post, and helps you obtain customers or clients. Wrong. Earned media is basically generated when your content receives recognition. Basically. it could be something that people take and run with and share, or provide word-of-mouth referrals, but is typically not paid. You not paying to put something out there. It cannot be bought or owned, in other words.

A blog post made by you, putting blog post out there, you would consider the earned media. Well, it is actually paid media because. it is actually you putting something out there and it is costing you something, right? Time. So, don’t confuse paid content or something that takes time or money with earned media. Earned media means you earn the attention of someone, they did something without being provoked. Maybe they did stumble upon something you, are doing or they share your brand name, that is going to be a little bit more of the earned media.

Then obviously, you have paid advertising, which is totally different where is your putting stuff out there and paying for it, such as pay per click ads, and Facebook ads, but really what you want to do is grow your earned media attention. You want people to start organically talking about you so that you become more relevant and more interesting to people, organically, and they find you and trust you more.

It has been great talking to you about earned media today. I look forward to the next tip. And if you want to listen to previous tips, go to, and subscribe on iTunes. We will see you again soon.


  • Hank Hoffmeier

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