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Today I like to talk to you about involving the right people in your network. I know that Lori Bruhns and I spoke last week about growing your network and making sure you are spending time networking, but today like to discuss a little bit more about make sure you massage those relationships you have with other people.

Make sure you’re frequently trying to either meet with people personally for lunch or coffee as well as maybe a virtual coffee with someone through Skype or something like that. Make sure that you are talking to people that are to pushing you and hold you accountable. Talk to people I can offer you advice. There might be things you can offer them, as far value that will allow them to want to talk to you and have it be a relationship that is two-sided, rather than one-sided, when one person is getting value.

I had lunch with some folks last week. One was a person that I haven’t physically met with in almost seven years, but worked with him in the past. It was great catching up and we both asked each other how we can help each other, and we plan do some things. I hope to have him on the show later on, maybe in a few weeks. I will be on vacation soon, so I am taking a little time off for that. I will have some tips recorded for everyone of course.

Make sure your building strong relationships, surrounding yourself with people that can help you in your organization. Sure up some of the inefficiencies you may have a as far as knowledge, so you can learn from them. Maybe have them help you. Maybe down the road they can partner with you on a project or something and that they can amplify your brand or your brand voice.

So, I cannot stress the importance of building strong, valuable, engaged network, this way you have people that you can go to during good times and bad.

That is all for today’s tip. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned, next week we have Mike Mabe coming. He is a leadership coach in Winston-Salem North Carolina. I really enjoyed talking to him and some of our conversations were a little bit lengthy, but they are valuable, so stay tuned for those next week. Thank you.


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