Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #72: Health


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I’m happy and sad at the same moment, because I am joined today by Mike Mabe, who is with NSL Coaching. He is a business and life coach. I enjoyed our conversation on the last four tips and I hope we can do this again in the future. But today is the last tip from Mike and we want to do is round out the conversation. We went from business, to getting a little more personal with finding quiet time to allow you to reset, decompress, and focus on what you want to do personally and professionally.

Today we are going to focus on another part of importance in being in business or some personal items, is being healthy, right? We need to strive to be healthy.

So, Mike, when you talk to people and you coach them, you talk about health, what do you discuss?

Mike: What I point out to them is at my age of 70, I do not take any medicine. No pain pills. No cholesterol medications. Heart medicine. Blood thinners. It is rare, doctors tell, me for a man my age to not take something. That I have never taken prescribed medications. I have had serious surgeries and would not take any painkillers. They would give them to me, and I took him out in the backyard and bury them.

Now how does that come about? That is not just pure chance. It is the way we tend to our bodies, both mentally, and physically, and with what we take in. And eating and drinking and the rest we receive. It is my desire to see others emulate going through life without prescription drugs dependency.

There are way too many people at young ages taking drugs, prescription drugs that are offered by doctors. I believe that a lot of it is unnecessary. Find a way to live your days without the need for chemicals. And that is with proper rest, with exercise, peace of mind. And that is brought about by the interactions with people, with family, and with beliefs, so, that is what I want to emphasize with passion. Find the key in your life and in your leadership and your managerial roles to steer clear of chemical drugs, medicines, and we were not made to become needed to live a fulfilling and joyful life.

Hank: Now, I think it is important to know that not everyone can enjoy great vast life that is not dependent on a lack of drugs or being fully healthy at all times. Heredity plays a fact, genetics, right? There are going to be some people that will be affected by disease which they do not control, right?They can have the most healthy habits, but still be stricken with a disease. So, can you talk a little bit about, okay, if you fall into the category, how do you still have that healthy mindset to help you still be successful and live a happy life.

Mike: Well if you are among the unfortunate who have inherited the condition, or if you develop something in life that is unfortunate or accidental, learn to attend to that condition and compensate in other areas that will cause you to flourish and blossom. And be efficient and effective. Do not use that that condition as an excuse of why you are not achieving the desired results and other aspects of life.

Hank: I think what it comes down to is mindset, right? If you produced an obstacle, many people get a negative mindset and they try to find ways to, number one, develop excuses. And number two, they feel sorry for themselves, therefore that they start doing things that are not going to be productive and they are not gonna produce the right results.

It is going to allow you to drown in that negativity and not allow you to be as successful as you can. I think when you have a positive mindset, and you see that challenge as something that you maybe can not overcome. In some ways, maybe you can, but I think if you can work with it, right? There so many success stories come out of challenges and obstacles in life. People that are amputees that overcome. And some of these Olympic athletes that have an amputated leg that still compete.

There are ways to stay motivated and I think it just comes down to what level are you motivated? And how can you raise that level of motivation and stay out of that negative mindset.

Mike: Don’t become content with your ailment, keep improving, don’t stop.

Hank: That is your tagline, right Mike?

Mike: That’s the tagline.

Hank: So, no matter what, don’t let anything stop you and what your goals are. Of course there are going to be times when things are gonna become really challenging, and that is where having someone help you be accountable is important.

I have numerous people in my network that hold me accountable. I meet with them often, like I do with Mike. He asks me what my goals are and asks me how I’m doing with my goals, therefore holding me accountable. I do the same with Lori Bruhns, who was was on previously. You should find someone in your network, or someone you know that can help you in that matter. Or if you want to work with someone like Mike Mabe, He would be happy to set up a time to talk to you. He can be found at nslcoaching.com. He is a great business and life coach. He has some great experiences in his life. And this is the last day that I have Mike with me for this week’s tips. But I hope to have him on again in the future.

So, Mike, it has been a true pleasure having you, discuss ways people can become better at business and have a better life in general.

Mike: Thanks, Hank. This is been a pleasure and I look forward to getting some feedback or being contacted by some of your listers to share some of the passions that I have about life and leadership.

If you do have me feedback, and we hope you do, please provide them either on my website HankHoffmeier.com, you can comment on the blog post HankHoffmeier.com/Alexa.

You can also listen to previous episodes there. You could drop me a line Hank@Hank Hoffmeier.com or you can reach Mike at MikeMabe@nslcoaching.com, correct?

Mike: Correct.

Hank: And also follow him on social media if you just want to obtain some inspiration, which is one of the other tips that we discussed. But that is all for this week. It was a great pleasure to have Mike with us. And again,

we are recording from 4  of July Park here in Kernersville, North Carolina. It is a great day to be out discussing business, life, passion, and of course being successful. Thank you.

Mike: Thank you.


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