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Half the year is over. How well you doing in your business? Have you taken a look at your financials? Have you taken a look at how well you are doing? What goals did you set in the beginning of the year if you started in January? Or, you know, if the year reset in January, are you where you want to be in running your business?

Now would be a good time to reset those expectations and create new goals, if you have not. Maybe you created some goals in January and you are still working on them throughout the year. But  what we need to do is redefine them, set new parameters. Whether it is actual deliverables, what you want to see, or maybe it is the timeframe. Maybe you allotted six months, and six months has gone by and you are not finished, you can extend that out a few months, because it is still a viable goal, right?

Make sure you set more goals. Maybe look at doing your review and setting goals quarterly rather than yearly. It is really easy to lose track of what you are doing, being involved in the day-to-day operations, or being busy with work to really turn around and look at your goals and measure your performance. Pat yourself on the back of you are meeting or exceeding them, or trying to find ways to turn around if you are not. But as long as you are identifying and reviewing your goals to be forefront in your mind and you will be able to keep honing in on them, and be successful. Maybe what you could do is work with an accountability partner to help ensure that you are paying attention to your goals and working on them as often as possible.

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  • Hank Hoffmeier

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