Hello everybody. I wanted to provide a quick update to you. I am going to be rebooting my marketing and business tips. What I’d like to do is start including some video, more content, and possibly more interviews.

To do that it is going to create more work, more time on my behalf, and on behalf of my guests. What I’m going to do is start recording my tips less frequently; not every single day. Your feed will not update as often as they have been.

I hope that you understand this and still choose to listen to my marketing and business tips moving forward. If you have a feedback, please let us know You can drop me a note there or just search Hank Hoffmeier on Google so that you can either tweet me, post my Facebook page, or use whatever channel that you feel that you want to send me a message on.

Get ready for some more great content, just a little less frequently. I hope to see you there. Thank you.


  • Hank Hoffmeier

    Hank is an author, speaker, podcast host and Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations at Kickbox, a Ziff Davis company. With a passion for all things digital and social, combined with more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, he has been dubbed the Digital Marketing Infotainer because he makes marketing fun and successful. Hoffmeier Hank