I went to a sales MeetUp last night. You can look into joining a MeetUp Group at www.meetup.com, I recommend it. You can find one for your industry or area of interest. It could also be a skill that you want to improve, such as sales.

Here are the top three takeaways from the meeting I attended:

Create a pain: Find something that your client or prospect is missing out on or needs and offer a solution to the pain. This will help you solidify your product or service as a must have.

Next Steps: Make sure to identify your next steps in the sales process. Get a commitment from your prospect or customer on follow up dates and next steps. This will prevent them from going dark. There is a sense of commitment in regards to following through.

Ask for the sale: Do you actually ask for the sale? Many people do not. They will just say “let me know” and put the ball in the client or prospect’s court. When you submit the proposal or have an interest in a service, ask for the business.


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  • Hank Hoffmeier

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