This is Hank Hoffmeier with a Marketing and Business Tip for you today.

Today’s tip is in regards to mobile websites. If you using pop-ups on your websites to obtain email addresses to send newsletters to, you need to be careful. If on the mobile version, that pop up, if it is covering a lot of real estate on the page and blocks the actual content, Google is going t0 punish you. It’s called “interstitial”, meaning it blocks a majority of the content on the page. And if you’re using an interstitial pop-up, what is going happen is, you are gonna be dinged for search engine optimization or results. In other words, you will not show up as much as your competition would if they are following the guidelines.

This was introduced mid last year and is becoming more and more prominent.  So, not only do you want to have a mobile version of your website or mobile responsive type of website, you want make sure you do not have any obtrusive pop-ups that cover a lot. especially on mobile.

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