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Today’s tips is in reference to Instagram posts. Have you ever seen a post that had a large amount of texting or spacing between the paragraphs. It makes it a lot easier to read. This does not happen if you are using Instagram. After typing out your post there, they tend to remove those spaces. I have heard, that by simply using a notes app or the notetaking app and iOS on your iPhone that you can create your post and have spacing. Then you paste it into Instagram and you’ll magically have your spacing.
Well I noticed lately that this is not really working as much as it used to. Every now and then I will get lucky and the spacing will be there, but here’s a tip when using the app. Look at your keyboard on your Android or iOS device and look for the number key which is the “123”. When you switch to this format you should see the return button on your keyboard. When you are typing, you can use that and click it twice and then you will add actual spaces.
I also use dashes correctly. My preference is to use a notetaking app and use my return there. What I will do is hit return and then I’ll add it (-). Then hit return again and that should add spacing. I like doing it outside the app because the section to add your description to Instagram is a very small, where I can work in a larger environment in the notes app. Then I copy and paste it into the Instagram app and it should work for you.
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  • Hank Hoffmeier

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