HMBT #101: Brag vs Humblebrag

In this episode, I discuss brag vs. Humblebrag.

The definition of humblebrag is “people’s use of false modesty as a context to tell you just how great they are”.

Urban Dictionary describes humblebrag as: “Subtly letting others now about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or “woe is me” gloss.” and gives the example of: “Uggggh just ate about fifteen piece of chocolate gotta learn to control myself when flying first class or they’ll cancel my modelling contract LOL :p #humblebrag”

When is comes to being a business owner, you should brag about certain items. It can be a new store opening or maybe winning an award like best restaurant or maybe a customer service award. It is good to brag about these types of accomplishments. If you want to humblebrag, be careful in how you do it.

I also discuss how complaining is viewed as being negative and you should not really do that.