This was an impromptu recording with William Meredith, the owner of five franchise locations of Learning Express Toys in the Raleigh NC area.

I asked William what a small business owner needs to keep in mind when running a business. He said that business owners need to keep an open mind. Also, reading books and listening to podcasts would help you grow as a business owner and you need to realize that others can help you. I elaborated by adding that business owners should keep an open mind, learn from mistakes, and should not be afraid to try new things.

Next, I asked what lead to Wiliam’s success. He said that the main thing is that he surrounds himself really good people. You cannot do everything on your own. You need people that care to help you.

He mentions using the A.C.C. method: Attitude, care, and competence. If you find people that have all three, they will push you as well as you need to push them. I have found that his staff is very passionate about what they do, which is important.

If you are local, make sure to look for Learning Express.

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