I recently viewed an ad from someone looking to promote a workshop on chatbots and how they are going to be an email marketing killer. I signed up because I wanted to see how this person was using chatbots.

First, I needed to provide my email address to sign up for the workshop. That shows you that email marketing is still powerful. Next, I started to receive a lot of bot messages and at times, I felt like it was interrupting my day. I needed to keep going back to Facebook Messenger to interact with the bot.

For me, I do not think that chatbots are ready for prime time. Messenger is really meant for friends and family and at times, to speak with businesses, if you initiate a conversation. What I experienced was different. I received messages every couple of days.

You can use a chatbot on your site or on your Facebook Business Page to help answer FAQs, but I would hold off on using it to nurture prospects until it is ready for prime time. I have been using ChatFuel for a while and also know Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey, through my work at iContact. You should check them out!

Email Marketing is still the best channel for marketing.

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[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ch47rWyxO4[/youtube]

*Edited to include MobileMonkey


  • Hank Hoffmeier

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