It is about time that I had Dorien Morin- van Dam with More In Media on the podcast. Dorien and I both spoke at ConvergeSouth last year. Wow, so much value in this episode! I should have had her on earlier!

Dorien and I spoke about repurposing content. to begin with, it is a struggle for business owners and marketers to create content. After you put the content out in the wild, what is next? Dorien asked me what I do with content, and I admit that I post content, then forget to repurpose it. I guess the first step is to admit that you have a problem?

Before you create content, develop a strategy and plan. What channels do you want to post to. If you create video, it will probably live on YouTube or Vimeo. What you should do is embed the video on your website or blog, then also have the video transcribed. This helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If your video is long, you can piece out some of the “thoughts”, or snippets to share as “snackable” content. You should also upload the video natively to each channel. In other words, upload directly to Youtube, then directly to Facebook. If you do not, your content will not be prioritized in the feed. Spread out the content over time. Take similar content and post to Facebook one day, the next day to LinkedIn, then share a snippet, go on Facebook Live to talk about your video on another day. It all works together! You can also take still images of your video and share them by creating “pinnable” content for Pinterest.

Dorien talks about using old content. Take a blog post, and then make it into a video. Either record a video of you talking or use a tool like Lumen5, which is a tool that takes text and animates it to images or video.

Another thing you can do is use quotes from your content. Instead of consistently having to think about what you are going to create and post, you can repurpose content you already have. Remember, quality over quantity.

Slow down and use content you have, rather than always spinning your wheels creating more and more content! Make sure that you use a similar format with your content, like branding and the look and feel of your video.

I talk about how I should be pulling excerpts from my book to help get the content out there. Rather than trying to sell my book, I should be sharing the information in the book and how it can help people.

I asked Dorien to recap her talk from ConvergeSouth about archiving and organizing old content so that you can find it easy. Most people create content and save it. Dorien uses DropBox to store her content. She is huge on tagging her content so that she can find it later. She used folders to organize content. Onc folder is for user-generated content, one for each client, and more.

It is also important to clean up your files. Delete old, unnecessary files. Backing up your content is crucial. Both Dorien and I know this is important and have numerous backups of our content. You should as well.

Using your personality in content is helpful. You should be creating your own stock photos. Think ahead of time and have some photos (and maybe video) of something to do with your business. This could be your store, office, products, vehicles and more. You can then use them for quotes and in posts. Put a list together of holidays or themes that you might want to use later on. Generic photos can be used with text overlays.

I am now encouraged to repurpose my content! Older content will not resurface on its own, you need to do it! I need to find an accountability partner to ensure that I do this.

Oh, and one more thing. Dorien spoke about email newsletters. When she creates an email, She uses the theme (images and content) on different channels to help use the content everywhere and make them work together. You can say the same thing, just say it in a different way on each platform.

It is important to reach your audience where they are. People consume content on different channels at different times. It might be a good idea to time similar content differently on different channels to ensure that you do not overload your loyal followers that consume your content on numerous platforms.

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