I went to the beach this weekend. On the way, I stopped at a convenience store to get some water and snacks. I ended up locking my keys in the trunk.

I recently read a good book titled Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life, by Gary John Bishop. It is a really good book.

In the book, Gary talks about expecting nothing and accept everything.

Since I locked my keys in the trunk of my car, I had to get into the car, and then into the trunk.

Two good samaritans ended up helping me out. The first one had a coat hanger, but we could not get it between the door jam and the frame. The second worked for a car dealer and had tools for this type of scenario. One was a plastic wedge and the other a small inflatable airbag. He put the items in place and then used a rod to try to pop the trunk. Since the keys were in the trunk, it did not work. He was able to open the car though.

After some research on Google, I found that I could disconnect and reconnect the battery while holding down the trunk button to open the trunk. It worked!

I offered the two good samaritans money for their time or refreshments, but they declined. I also had a neighbor finish cutting my lawn when my lawn mower broke down a couple of weeks ago. He also did not accept any money not even for gas.

I did not expect any help, but I accepted it when it was offered.

Many business owners expect to sell to potential customers, or just expect them to do business with them.

People do business with those that they know, like, and trust. Ask questions to help your customers. Have little check-ins to see if they are ready to buy from you. Don’t expect business from them, but accept it when they do want to buy from you.

I hope my lesson helps you learn how you can use accepting and expecting the right way in your business.


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