HMBT #140: It’s Foreign To Me

Have you ever heard the phrase: “It’s foreign to me?” Well, it means something that is not understandable or is confusing, or you are afraid of it.

I am working in Carcassone France this week and have had some challenges. At a co-working place, I found it hard to communicate about the hours, connect to wifi, and figuring out how to print something out. I was able to figure it out with persistence and patience.

How about you? If something does not make sense or confuse you, do you just back down and shut down? Don’t.

Part of my job at iContact is to help clients to find workarounds to resolve challenges and problems so that their email campaigns are successful.

Don’t let things be foreign to you. Find the core issue and remove the stressor and friction.

I was able to find someone that spoke English and French to help me out, but that was not on the first day.

Remember don’t let things be foreign to you, learn, adapt, and change to get things accomplished.