HMBT #141: Slow Down

I am still in France, I find that everything is a little slower, eating, talking, and mostly when you shop. Expect longer lines and do not expect that eager salesperson to approach that is eager to “help.” I think that we can take the message to slow down a little bit.

By slowing down, you can let your customer think and absorb. It could be information on your website or products in your store. Give them a few moments, then engage with them. Engage verbally if you have a store, or with a pop-up form on your website. Give them time to get to know you first. Listen and learn what the customer wants. Then you start to build a relationship.

Short story: I went out to dinner in France to celebrate my 17th wedding anniversary, and most of the staff did not speak English. There was one waitress that spoke great English. We found out that she worked as an Au Pair in Cary, NC, right near where I live! Small world! She served us well and I gave her a generous tip. Tipping is not very popular in France.

Also, I am excited that iContact has launched a podcast: Talkin’ Bout Email. I am joined by John Hayes of iContact and we hope to have on customers and other influencers. You will learn about what’s up in the email marketing world. Give us a follow and subscribe at www.







  • Hank Hoffmeier

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