HMBT #147: 4 Reasons Email Marketing is Effective

This is an excerpt from a recent video.


4 Reasons Email Marketing is Effective

  1. It is Personal and Powerful
    1. You can use the recipients first name to make the email feel personal
    2. Add a signature to an email to build trust
    3. Use other information to personalize email such as weather or product and services information
  2. It is affordable and  Profitable
    1. Email Marketing had a 44x ROI
    2. Has a better ROI than other marketing channels
    3. Has a historical value
    4. Incurs a monthly fee rather than per interaction
  3. It is Relevant
    1. Email addresses are used everywhere
    2. Can be consumed on a computer, phone, or tablet
  4. It is Adaptable
    1. It grows with you – frequency and cost
    2. Allows you to analyze results and adapt