HMBT #162: Lilly Ferrick Helps Fill the Top of the Sales Funnel

For today’s episode, I am joined by Lilly Ferrick, CEO and founder of Lilly Ferrick LLC, which provides comprehensive sales solutions to companies on outsourced and fractional engagements. 

Basically, Lilly helps fill the top the sales funnel.

Lilly and I talk about some ways that you can fill the top of your sales funnel. 


Business owners or sales people need to hit numbers. Create goals and make sure to meet them. Listen to the episode for more detail and some great encouragement!

Stay motivated. It is too easy to be pessimistic while thinking about sales activities. You need to push through and meet your numbers and goals. If you do not, you will not succeed and  grow your business. 

Top activities that you need to do to fill your funnel

  1. Outbound calls
  2. Marketing lead generation
  3. Network
  4. LinkedIn (connect and engage)

Connect with Lilly at Listen to the episode for more ways to connect with Lilly!