HMBT 186 Keith Washo on Success and Happiness

HMBT #186 Keith Washo on Success and Happiness

Today, I am joined by Keith Washo. Keith  lives in Raleigh, NC where for the last two decades has worked in sales & marketing for leading technology companies in Silicon Valley like Creative Labs, SanDisk, and Qualcomm. 

His the author of the books,”The Heart Of Success”, sharing wisdom on growing your professional and personal life the right way 

and “Good Things Come From Hard Times”, sharing advice on overcoming adversity.

We discuss a few chapters from his book, The Heart of Success, including these:

-Chapter 6 Successful Careers – talk about adding value 

-Chapter 7 work life balance- blend ( for me is ie being harmonious)

-Chapter 8 learning from failure 


Book: The Heart of Success Book on Amazon or