HMBT #211: Danielle Gray is the Content Whisperer

HMBT #211: Danielle Gray is the Content Whisperer

The Content Whipserer joins me today to talk about creating effective content.

What does it mean to be a content whisperer? It means being able to work with different personalities and use techniques to get content out of them.


  • Need to be present, that is where you find the content. It comes down to mindfulness. 
  • Recognize what is around you and know your audience
  • Remove distractions when trying to create content.
  • Use the What, So What, and Now What process;
    • What- What is the topic
    • So What- Why is this important to my audience
    • Now What- What do you want people to take from your content?

It is important to marry good content to good visuals. Make your content scannable.

Parting thoughts from Danielle: Even though is it not always easy, stay true to yourself!

Connect with the content whisperer:


Twitter: @DanielleGrayMBA



  • Hank Hoffmeier

    Hank is an author, speaker, podcast host and Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations at Kickbox, a Ziff Davis company. With a passion for all things digital and social, combined with more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, he has been dubbed the Digital Marketing Infotainer because he makes marketing fun and successful.