HMBT 214 Crossnet Success Story

HMBT #214: Crossnet Success Story

HMBT 214 Crossnet Success Story

Today I am joined by Greg Meade, one of the co-founders of Crossnet. 

I was introduced to Greg through Nate Hirsch, former owner of Freeup, which was on episode #133

Crossnet is a four way volley ball game that in just a  short years have: Surpassed 2 million dollars in sales.

Is already in 2500+ schools

Is sold on 25+ mainstream offline and online retail chains

Greg and discussed how to build a business and sell a product or service:

Become visible

Be confident in your product and service

  • Become visible
  • Know that it is a journey
  • Don’t be scared to grow your business
  • Is done better than great? Your product
  • Discussed the process of selling into schools- use your network and get the KLT going
  • We also spoke about marketing your product or service

 Contact Greg or Crossnet: