HMBT #218: Micheal Joliat from Tailoj Marketing

Michael Joliat joins me this week. He is the Principle Owner of Tailoj Marketing. Listen in to hear about how he conceived the name for his company as well as a great discussion about marketing.

Tailoj Marketing offers database solutions to marketing problems. Micheal has a background in economics and statistics as well marketing, advertising, and public relations degree. 

We spoke about marketers needing to use automation and also the importance of using data to target your audience. Stop “blasting” out your messages where you treat everyone in your audience the same. You need to give them something they need. 

Make sure to get more data on your audience. You can use surveys to obtain this information. Maybe offer an incentive. Michael mentions that you might already have data in other platforms and you can integrate with other platforms or export the data to make better discussions.

Use add on sales to boost ROI and profits. We use the example of selling sheets and offering more pillowcases, because you know that you only get two and everyone has four pillows! Use purchase information to help you will add on sales.

Social Media Advertising:

You can make money running social media advertising campaigns. You do not need a large budget and it is worth exploring.

Run some ads, boost some posts, and use look alike audiences, which are audiences like the one you upload. I mention using a list of email subscribers that have not opened in a while as a custom audience for Facebook so that you serve ads to them to try and get them to re-engage.

I hope that you have watched an episode of Spill Your Guts, or Fill Your Guts from the Late Late Show, because I asked Micheal to rank the ROI for the following advertising platforms:

Direct to Consumer Marketing:

WIll your audience feel compelled to buy from you? Don’t be blinded by the process. Make sure you keep your audience in mind. Stop promoting what YOU want to sell. Make people want to buy what you are offering. 

Use your network of marketing groups to get feedback on your campaigns. You do not have to go at it alone. 



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