HMBT #235: Kevin Cordi – The Power of Narration

HMBT #235: Kevin Cordi – The Power of Narration

Dr. Kevin Cordi  – national storytelling consultant. He was raised on oral storytelling as his parents shared with him and his five brothers and sisters tales of West Virginia. 

We discussed the importance of using narrative as influence and the  process of story.

We are all wired for story, but are we answering the wiring?   

Just some of the great tips that were provided: 

  • “Silence before sound” is important because you need to have an integrated connection with your audience. 
  • Think and react in story
  • Change and the resistance to change. 
  • You can even use story in email marketing! Just be natural in your communication.
  • An elevator pitch that is detached from the person. You need to use narrative. An elevator is an environment that people want to get out of. Think about that. Don’t rush your delivery.
  • Don’t ask people what they do for a living. Dr. Cordi asks people what brings passion into their lives and he gets interesting replies.
  • Use “tell me” to invite a larger conversation.
  • Be comfortable to be able to get to sound.


Book: Playing With Stories and You Don’t Know Jack: A Storyteller Goes to School:


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