HMBT #236: Anna Felix – The Smart Money Strategist

On the show today is Anna Felix, the Smart Money Strategist with Calchoice Financial

The topic is how to be smart with money. Grow your money in and effective way by using a private reserve account this way you always have access to it.

Make sure that you have an emergency fund in case of emergencies, at least six months worth of expenses. Everything above and beyond that should be invested so that it is making money for you. Your money needs to be consistently growing for you. 

Especially is you are looking to save for retirement, you need to have a plan and goal. Anna explains what you need to be doing. 

As a business owner, make sure that you pay yourself first before investing back into the company. 

We also discuss the rules of taking money out of a 401k (CARES Act) and the difference of having a private reserve account.

We did not get into real estate investing, which we wanted to talk about. I will have to bring Anna back on the show in the future!

Make sure to check out Anna’s websites and reach out for a free consulation: and






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