HMBT #237: Alison Katschkowsky Talks About Keeping Your Business Fit

Alison Katschkowsky joins me this week. She is a fitness and self care coach–and the founder of the Fit Life System–a unique 6 step fitness program.

She started her business 22 years ago with no reserve cash and a clean credit card and used organic marketing, social media, referrals and partnerships/strategic alliances. Sometimes the things that are low cost work better than spending thousands on other methods. Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or expensive–you have more tools at your disposal than you think.   

Referrals and social media are great ways to grow your business. Alison used a Facebook community to get attention and helped springboard her business. She offered free training to offer value and to start a relationship.

Use free information as a lead magnet. Then have other content that is more valuable to offer. 

When marketing and doing sales, you have to speak directly to the problem. It is not about you and what you want to sell

Alison gives some tips on how to use social media to find and engage with people.

She attributes her success to being of service to others and being able to reinvent herself. There is an opportunity in every challenge.


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