HMBT #239: Larry Wilson - The Cyclops That Never Blinks

Larry Wilson, Founder of Wilson Method Communications Training joins me this week.

Larry is an Emmy nominated television performer, communications trainer and 2017 Comedy Magician of the Year. My Wilson Method training is the culmination of all that I learned working with the biggest stars and celebrities in the world for almost forty years.

You are always selling yourself, even if you are not in sales. You also need to be entertaining. 

Warren Buffett says to increase your value by 50%, you simply need to improve your communication skills, both written and verbal. The more communion you do, the better you get. 

The Wilson Method is based on working with Hollywood stars. They get what they want out of life and we need to model their behavior. Focus on technique.

We hear some great stories about well known celebrities and how they are able to communicate effectively. 

Larry tells us what we can do to improve our communication skills and increase our value by at least 50%, like what Warren Buffet said

Make yourself impossible to ignore. Use a variety of techniques to make people feel like they are seen and heard. 

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