HMBT #243: Josh Cary – YouTube and Video Tips

I am joined by Josh Cary, VP Marketing at Joyous Green and previously with All Things Barbecue. 

We spoke about video marketing, with a focus on YouTube. How to put together an affordable video setup, what you need to focus on to rank with the YouTube algorithm , and how to build and deploy a community to help you sell.

Start with having videos about your products and services, then start working on other content. That is how they find you.

Youtube has a great community where you can develop influential and inspirational content. You need to take advantage of the community aspect of marketing. Reddit also has a great community that you can take advantage of. 

It is important to engage with your audience and reply to comments, but you can also let your community assist with that. 

When creating content, play into your audience’s bias, ideas, and fears. Find where people are already gathering around an idea. It could be quality or support. 

When you want to be found on Youtube, the keyword you want to be found for needs to be in the title and your description is solid. 

Click through rate and thumbnail are important in helping you rank on Youtube. Once you get the clickthrough, you need to develop quality and engaging content.




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