Nina Froriep

Nina Froriep from Clock Wise Productions joins me to talk about great video content. 

Nina is a visual storyteller, video democratizer and has 30+ years experience as filmmaker and producer. Today, she enables mission-driven entrepreneurs to grow their company with consistent and easy-to-implement video content through one-on-one coaching and peer-learning. 

Nina focuses on mission driven entrepreneurs in the services field. She helps them grow with consistent video content. She helps make it easy. 

Getting started is easy, use the technology you already have and when it comes to editing, there are free and paid programs and apps to help you crate professional looking videos. We discuss some of them. 

To be consistent, you need to have workflows that help you deal with your “video demons”.  Nina, developed a challenge system that helps her clients get into the habit of developing consistent content. 

We also discussed posting to LinkedIn vs Youtube natively and video metrics.



Make sure to inquire about the content challenge!



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