Adam Mendler

In this episode, I am joined by Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group

Adam is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and speaker with a national platform on business leadership. 

Adam is on a mission to create better, more resonant leaders by distilling lessons learned from building three successful businesses in three different industries and from interviewing hundreds of America’s top leaders. 

We talk about leadership in today’s environment.  Times are tough right now. We have reasons to be upset, frustrated, and sad, but we have to remember to stay positive and control what we can. Your mindset and how you spend your time can be controlled.

When something bad happens, it is ok to reflect on that, but do it for a short period of time and then move on. Make sure to adapt to your challenges rather than complain about them. 

Here are a fe things that Adam has done to get through this pandemic:

We also discussed what Adam has learned from numerous top leaders in the country. Adam has had many leaders on his podcast, 30 Minute Mentor Podcast, where he has learned a lot. 

He has learned that leadership is universal. It is your job to inspire and motivate others using persuasion. Life long learning is also key to being an effective leader. 

Learn from your failures, but you need to try new things. Remember that failure is not permanent. 

Lastly, Adam tells us the importance of building your personal brand and what it can do for you. Writing blog posts and being a speaker will help more people learn about who you are and “expands your brand”.  But remember that you are also your brand. 

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