Trisha Lewis

I am joined by the communications expert, Trisha Lewis. If you want to be listened to more and have people engage more with you, you need to listen to this episode.

We hop right in and talk about what people struggle with when they communicate. 

One challenge is having your voice heard in meetings by overthinking how you will be judged.

To rectify this, make sure to know how to listen well and speak with clarity. You need to find a balance of both. I mention some of my experiences in the past. 

Then we spoke about communicating at networking events. Relax and use humor to start discussions. It will help you break the ice. If people do not respond to your efforts, move on. It was not worth your time then. 

To  get better at communicating, use role play. I love to facilitate role play sessions! Learn how to speak with knowledge and authority by practicing. 

Trisha offers up a couple of strategies that she uses, including TOTO: Try Observe, Try Observe, vulnerability weaving, conscious tweaking.

You can also work with coaches, mentors, and accountability partners to help you communicate better. Also, keep Trisha in mind 😉 

I love the idea that Trisha uses an alter ego, Investigator Lewis. I encourage you to find your alter ego!

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